Big data is not always the right data and though the internet provides access to vast amounts of information, it isn’t always easy to find. The ASCEND Active Response System focuses and funnels the right information, to the right people, through the right channels, at the right time. This real-time insight provides immediate access to information needed for decision making. 

The Active Response System delivers rich content through web-based resources, alerts and reminders, and mobile applications. These real time tools can meet goals ranging from increasing guidelines adherence, to improving patient engagement and education, to providing alerts that guide decisions at the point of care.

IMPAQ Strategy partners with nonprofit organizations to better understand the benefits of the digital environment and to find creative ways to deliver rich content to their stakeholders. Our team assesses our clients’ current environments, designs tailored solutions, and configures the Active Response System to engage, collaborate and improve interactions with stakeholders and meet goals in education, quality, and outcomes.


  • Real-time clinician and patient alert system
  • Quality improvement tools
  • Guidance adherence support
  • Patient education

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