There's constant chatter about concepts like "Big Data," but with tight margins and limited access to large datasets, nonprofits can be left out in the cold during this technological transformation. Accurate, timely data can transform strategic planning, member relations, and fundraising, as well as other nonprofit programs and services. 

Our team leverages decades of expertise in nonprofits, technology design, and analysis to create custom analytics solutions for our partners. We first work with you to determine existing data that you may not be leveraging, and seek ways to make the most use of what you already have. From there, we provide data optimization recommendations, including restructuring existing data to make it more accessible, adding new information to your membership management or other systems, and cross-linking data sources for validation and more powerful combined datasets. 

We provide you with visualizations and analyses of your data using our analytical and visualization tools, and make these dashboards and analyses available to you without the need for software licensing or infrastructure costs. We also work with you to develop other custom reports and visualizations to support planning and current initiatives.

Where accurate or useful data are not available, we provide consultation on acquiring new datasets through enhanced programs, partnerships, or commercial sources. Our team can help you weigh the pros and cons of each approach, and develop an optimized set of recommendations to carry your data strategy forward.

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