The ASCEND Clinical Collaboration Network™ serves as a centralized library of registry information that informs critical decision making throughout the registry design process. Teams can work together to explore resources for the specification and design of patient registries and research studies through built in project management services including co-authoring, scheduling, and web-conferencing. Within the Network your team will find extensive profiles of the most prominent registry vendors on the market as well as details on current registry efforts and an archive of clinical measures.

ASCEND also provides an environment to build collaborative relationships with life sciences, private payors, state and federal regulators, academic research organizations, patient advocacy organizations, and other professional associations to create sustainable business models for registry-based Health Intelligence Platforms that support mission-driven goals.


  • Collaboration Framework - Provides team collaboration capabilities like project management, co-authoring, scheduling, web-conferencing, etc.
  • Registry Resource Guide - A database of registry specific information intended to promote collaboration, encourage partnerships, and reduce redundancy.
  • Registry Vendor Information Guide - A database of registry vendor information to inform clients on vendor capabilities, past performance, references, etc.
  • Registry Design & Data Governance Tool - Provides clients a solution for their measure and data governance with semantic traceability and change management.
  • Industry Relations and Alliance Management - Provides tools for data sharing, coordinating research with academic research organizations, developing joint quality improvement programs and developing cross-specialty relationships.

Other ASCEND Solutions