As a charitable foundation, the ability to drive your mission is heavily dependent on the efficient management of programs and awards, and the perception of stakeholders regarding your ability to achieve your goals. Without modern, responsive, and adaptive management and governance, and the ability to unequivocally demonstrate your value, your mission and support is perpetually at risk.

Our team has worked both for and within foundations over our careers, and provide exceptional services that help these organizations improve their governance, operations, and evaluation processes to drive success and support. Through our strategy and governance modernization services, we help foundations position their management and planning infrastructure to adapt to stakeholder needs and achieve rapid, adaptive results, regardless of your foundation's size or goals. 

Our program evaluation services provide your organization with independent, scientifically-validated evidence of program success, and broader program outcomes and impact on the constituencies and communities you support. These evaluations can drive public support of your organization, and provide a powerful fundraising tool through demonstrated, fully independent measures of both program and societal success.

Foundation Solutions