Hospitals and health systems face the challenges of increasing patient expectations of healthcare delivery and support, clinician education and best practice integration, implementing new models of community-based care, and value-based reimbursement models. New programs in education, clinical guidelines integration, patient education and engagement, and community-centered health delivery can help healthcare organizations modernize their approaches and enhance competitive advantage.

Our team's deep expertise in the design of healthcare solutions, and close work with national and international medical specialty societies help us deliver new thinking and advanced stakeholder engagement to hospitals and health systems. Through innovative digital product design, collaboration with medical specialty organizations, patient registry planning, design, and management, and clinician and patient data capture and analysis tools, we help hospitals and health systems rethink their programs and services and enhance their value to all stakeholders.

Our ASCEND Health Intelligence Platform™ is an integrated suite of health data solutions that can support quality improvement, research, and other initiatives within hospitals and health systems. The ASCEND Clinical Collaboration Network™ is a hub for the exchange of best practices, quality improvement tools, research coordination, and other collaborative activities.

The ASCEND Advanced Analytics Engine™ combines best-of-class data analysis and visualization technologies to deliver a robust platform for large-scale health data analysis and mining. We constantly evaluate and integrate new components to this platform, giving you access to new technologies on an ongoing basis without additional financial or infrastructural commitments.

ASCEND Health Data Capture Tools™ enable both clinicians and patients to provide health information in a fully-customizable, user friendly platform. These tools work on common devices including desktop computers and mobile phones, and can be completely customized to your data collection needs. Additionally, these tools include real-time data input validation, and can automatically generate alerts and messages via email or text message when certain conditions or events are detected.

The ASCEND Active Response System™ connects to other ASCEND solutions to identify opportunities for customized messages and delivery of resources to improve care. By scanning data in the Advanced Analytics Engine and Health Data Capture Tools, the Active Response System can deliver tailored alerts, educational tools, and scheduling reminders to assist in improvement of care delivery, clinician guideline adherence, and patient compliance with scheduling and treatment protocols.

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