As association professionals with decades of experience within medical societies, our team is well aware of the challenges of managing a modern healthcare association. The rate of change in technology, policy, and clinical science can rapidly outpace traditional medical society operations, program design, communications, and governance.

Our expertise in patient registry planning, design, and management is a uniquely powerful offering, with our team having worked within and with medical societies on many of the largest and most successful registries in the world. We bring clarity and focus to registry development, ensuring that registry features, clinical content, and operations are attuned to meet both member needs, and those of a broad array of healthcare stakeholders.

Our team excels in working with medical societies to redesign their program and strategic planning, and teaching society staff and leadership how to implement rapid, iterative design and planning to capture and respond to member needs. We believe that "agile" isn't just a buzzword; we employ agile methods in both our work with partners as well as our own practice, and we seek to educate medical societies on how these approaches can improve their member responsiveness and program quality.

Our strategy and program design methodologies can be employed to accelerate the pace of medical society activities, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Designing new and improving existing digital products
  • Quality measures development
  • Clinical guidelines development
  • Clinical decision support algorithms
  • Scientific program and outcomes evaluation

The ASCEND Health Intelligence Platform™ provides medical societies with a suite of scalable, cost-effective solutions for data analysis and clinical networking across the world. The ASCEND Clinical Collaboration Network™ is a secure hub for connecting health professionals to support best practice sharing, quality improvement tools, and discussion of trends and recommendations from across the field.

The ASCEND Advanced Analytics Engine™ incorporates best-in-class data analysis and visualization technologies, with all data residing in a secure, HIPAA-compliant enterprise data center. Societies with patient registries and other clinical data programs can incorporate their data into this platform to gain real-time access to their information and conduct data analysis and mining to discover trends and opportunities.

Medical Society Solutions