Our team has a deep understanding of the challenges facing associations in the digital era. Technology is rapidly evolving, young generations are changing the landscape of professionalism and association expectations, and ever-tighter margins demand new efficiencies in member services and programs.

Using best practices from the association world and tried and true business strategies and tools, IMPAQ Strategy helps associations rethink their program and service offerings, refine strategies to be actionable and measurable, and cultivate governance and volunteer models that are responsive to 21st century needs and expectations. We don't deliver our services and support in a traditional consulting model; rather, we serve as close advisors to associations for the duration they select, and evolve our approaches and priorities as our partners discover new opportunities. Our experts work hand-in-hand with association staff and leadership to rapidly deliver new ideas using Agile approaches adapted from the technology sector and adapted to association needs. At every step of the way, we provide education and support to associations, so that when our advisory engagement ends, our partners are left with the tools to continue innovation and improvement in their organizations.

Association Solutions