IMPAQ International launches ASCEND Health Intelligence Platform™ and acquires the assets of Europe-based Digital Support

IMPAQ Strategy has launched the ASCEND Health Intelligence Platform™ to support the needs of IMPAQ Strategy’s healthcare clients. ASCEND (Advancing Science through Clinical Evidence, Networking and Data) is a solution delivery platform that includes the ASCEND Clinical Collaboration Network™, ASCEND Health Data Capture Tools™, ASCEND Advanced Analytics Engine™, and the ASCEND Active Response System™.

ASCEND incorporates the product assets and software-based contracts that have been acquired from Digital Support B.V., a Europe-based healthcare technology firm. The Digital Support data capture platform is flexible, highly customizable, mobile or web-based, and can be used to coordinate research studies, conduct follow-up and appointment scheduling, and capture patient reported outcomes, including quality of life measures. This platform is a proven solution to determine the effectiveness of new medical products, therapies, and treatments. The Digital Support data capture platform forms the basis for the ASCEND Health Data Capture Tools. In addition, Digital Support’s Chief Technology Officer, Job de Bruyne, will join IMPAQ Strategy as the Director of Product Development.

“ASCEND allows us to reach new markets, including life sciences firms and other research-oriented organizations,”  said Steve Coy, Executive Director of IMPAQ Strategy. “This technology platform will support collaboration, research, and advanced healthcare analytics to drive discovery of clinical evidence and network healthcare professionals to coordinate large-scale studies.”

IMPAQ Strategy will use this acquisition to support its data-driven management consulting practice. The ASCEND Clinical Collaboration Network will bring together ASCEND users for knowledge sharing, networking, and best practices. Health Data Capture Tools will power clinical studies, patient reported outcomes, and post-market surveillance. The Advanced Analytics Engine will blend linked data, analytics, and data visualizations via web and mobile tools to better understand complex clinical data, predict patterns, and conduct quality audits. Finally, the Active Response System will send targeted messaging based on clinical and well-being health information to drive quality improvement, physician guidelines adherence, and patient education.