Our team guides our partners through all phases of patient registry planning, design, development, and management. Through a tailored blend of services unique to each partner, with consideration for each organization's stakeholders, clinical science, and desired goals, our team helps organizations build transformational registries that deliver benefits across a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

Strategy & Planning

A comprehensive, thoughtful strategy is critical for any clinical data program to be successful. Our team provides guidance and education to ensure your program’s long-term viability, by developing business cases and strategies that include:

  • Value propositions and market strategy
  • Operational and technical feasibility analyses
  • Governance and management models
  • Cost and revenue models

Design & Development

A variety of clinical, operational, and technological challenges must be accommodated to design registries that meet goals and can realistically be implemented and supported. Our technology, health, and business strategy experts provide design services that are inclusive of all of these dimensions, and include:  

  • Measures selection and development
  • Clinical dataset design 
  • Operational model design
  • Technical requirements development (data capture, management and reporting)

Technology Vendor Oversight

Significant management and planning activities must be coordinated and monitored to ensure that your registry’s technical infrastructure is properly designed and implemented. Our experts have managed the development of patient registries using both in-house and outsourced technology and support, and are prepared to assist your organization in:

  • Technical project management
  • RFI/RFP development and vendor evaluation
  • Integration requirements development and vendor certification (EMRs and clinical systems)
  • End user documentation and training

Operational Support

Once your organization’s registry is ready for launch, we can provide you with guidance and operational management to ensure that its implementation is smoothly executed, and help you identify new opportunities for improvement and expansion as your program grows. Our team has provided front-line implementation support for a diverse array of organizations, and can provide you with:

  • Marketing and participant recruitment
  • Contract support and payment processing
  • Participant training, and technical and content support
  • Committee, task force, and user group management

ASCEND Health Intelligence Platform

The ASCEND Health Intelligence Platform™ provides registry clients with a suite of scalable, cost-effective solutions for data analysis and clinical networking that compliments your registry technology vendor.

  • The ASCEND Clinical Collaboration Network™ is a secure hub for connecting health professionals to support best practice sharing, quality improvement tools, and discussion of trends and recommendations from across the field.
  • The ASCEND Advanced Analytics Engine™ incorporates best-in-class data analysis and visualization technologies, with all data residing in a secure, HIPAA-compliant enterprise data center. Organizations operating patient registries can incorporate their data into this platform to gain real-time access to their information to better understand trends, variations, and to create new product/service opportunities.
  • The ASCEND Active Response System™ delivers rich content to providers and patients through web-based resources, alerts and reminders, and mobile applications. These real time tools can meet goals ranging from increasing guidelines adherence, to improving patient engagement and education, to providing alerts that guide decisions at the point of care.

Other Services