Given the pace of technological change, new sources of information, and increasing competition for attention, effective strategies for organizational development and program design are more important than ever for nonprofit organizations meet their missions. The next transformation of nonprofit business thinking lies in the principle of shared value: creating economic value that generates societal value by addressing broad-based needs and challenges . 

To meet these challenges, IMPAQ Strategy works with its clients to develop strategies that not only enhance their mission-driven programs and strategy, but also incorporate stakeholder perspectives to build shared value and meet exceed organizational goals and expectations.

Strategic Planning

Our nonprofit professionals are experienced in evaluating our partner nonprofits' strategic positioning and goals, and working with stakeholders and staff to chart new directions for organizations and programs. Through interactive sessions, market research, best practices discovery, and drawing on our extensive experience, we work quickly and collaboratively to develop clear, concise, and actionable strategic business plans for our partners. We also leverage sources of data including membership surveys, membership management systems, and market research surveys to inform strategy formulation and build a foundation for data-driven planning.

Program Innovation & Design

It is important for nonprofits to visualize how they can leverage new technology and resources to meet stakeholder needs. The declining costs of technical infrastructure, availability of rich data, and agile design approaches can enable nonprofits to rethink their offerings and develop breakthrough programs that engage stakeholders. For associations, new programs can serve as a critical source of non-dues revenue that can strengthen organizational finances and support other mission-driven programs and services.

Our team incorporates agile development approaches to expedite program design, human-centered design approaches that put stakeholders first, and technology platform assessment and selection methods that ensure nonprofit investments in new programs meet their goals. Our design engagements are crafted to include collaboration among key stakeholders, approaches including KJ Method and value proposition discovery to distill key program features and benefits, and comprehensive program strategy that includes financial and operational planning. We also seek to leverage existing organizational assets when possible, to lower both the cost of development and time to market for new or revised programs. 

21st Century Governance

Shifting demographics, rapid technological advancement, and the rise of new competitors to the services delivered by nonprofit organizations mean that new thinking and rapid decision-making models are needed to drive success. Nonprofit governance and volunteer infrastructure can be slow to adapt to change, leading to missed opportunities and diminished organizational value. 

Our team works with organizations to assess their current governance models and volunteer infrastructure, and align organizational oversight with strategic priorities and environmental trends to drive responsiveness, adaptability, and relevance. We analyze organization's charters, strategic plans, board composition, volunteer management, and organizational capacity. After establishing a baseline, we work jointly with staff and leadership to develop new models for organizational oversight, management, and volunteer contributions and recognition.

Organizational Assessment & Improvement

We believe that there is always room for refinement and improvement of nonprofit operations, programs, and services. Our team uses decades of expertise in organizational design, performance measurement, and business process analysis to identify key improvement opportunities for our partners. Our experts work hand-in-hand with staff and stakeholders to identify existing and future processes, and develop measures of success for programs and operations. Using established methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma and the performance measurement model of structure, process, and outcome, we adapt our approaches to fit the needs of each partner, and teach nonprofit staff to employ these methodologies to continue driving improvement.

Other Services